MOTIVATION….it matters a lot!!

You know, it feels uhh!! – when someone doesn’t appreciate your talent – your passion which means the world to you. It hurts when someone doesn’t appreciate you effort to make them happy!
I mean, come on, we’d bring the sky down and the moon upto the horizon in order to bring stars at their door – but thet’ll not even appreciate the effort taken from our side to bring them packets of happiness and gifts of freedom. Some people don’t even reward us with a gentle THANK YOU when we do our best to make them happy!
Sometimes, I say, motivation and appreciation mean a lot more than a person’s talent. They stimulate us to start afresh when in distress. They give a meaning to our all new found hobby. They make us want to do more good work as well as give our best and beat the rest in our respective fields!
True that it says,”A motivated person does more work than a person in anxiety.” And motivation matters even more, when it comes from the people we admire. Appreciation from people whom we treat as our role models is the most adulated gift that a person desires for!

Say some true…
The colours of happiness turn black and blue,
the way it comes, the way it goes,
Unmotivated thoughts and hurdles of fights in our mind – become our foes!
Let not be such a thought in your mind,
that keeps you away from pursuing what you like the most,
Let not the monster known as doubt kill your inner eagerness,
Let it not act as a demotivating and frightful ghost!
Let your own thoughts inspire you, and tell that you are unique,
Let down your ideas on a paper before they rust,
Expressing them in one or the other way is a must!!



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