Music…refers to songs…songs…that touch our heart deep within! Music is like a world of imagination…a world where two hearts strike the same chord, a world where the tabla and the drums can always synchronize together, a world where there are no worries, a world beyond the worldly hurries!

That’s what music exactly is..the feel of music makes us forget from where we all are…it just brings us together! Music is a celebration – a celebration which doesn’t depend on any of the religions, nor on any community!

As travel is an escape…so is music!

I’ve heard many a times that…


Music is just like a celebration grand..
Makes us live moments magical…spinning like a magic wand!Creation is that what is born in moments musical,
It makes us perceive a life which is happy, not dull!
Wonder…we always…how was music born?
May be it was a miracle…bought by the Almighty..
For the awakening of a new dawn!!

This was a post to the response of one-word prompt MUSIC at


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