Ooooo Womaniyeah…!

Woman – the power that this word holds can control the universe itself! The women in our life empower our inner core and make us want to live more and more! Truly, a woman is a persona of extreme confidence. She is the guiding light leading to way greater paths for a lifetime, while she’s sensitive to sentiments as well. She’s a perfect framework carved out of hard rock – which now shimmers and shines as a flawless gem! Our mental health depends vitally on the women we surround ourselves by and how they inspire us by just being themselves!

We women do not lose hope in any of the catastrophic circumstances and end up being the hero of the whole scenario. The term hero generally brings up in our mind a knight in shining armour rescuing a beautiful lady, but we never cherish ourselves with thoughts of ladies rescuing a man who’s void of all his power leading again to a lady villain who’s kidnapped him! Funny……isn’t it?? The picture that we have fitted in our minds is somewhat similar to the antagonists referring to anti-women empowerment initiatives. So what’s the difference between them and us??!!


We are our own knights in armoured with shining, bright smiles – whose only mission is to spread innumerable happiness all over the world!!!


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