Writing – My best Buddy…

I write to inspire…..I write to change..!

That’s the tagline of my Life!!

Writing is my best companion…my best buddy!! It has always been there to share with me all my ups and downs, my mood swings, my grief, my ecstasy, my emotional breakdowns and what not! The word BUDDY itself says a lot in short – the one in whom we can confide….the one who knows every bit of our personality…!!

My personality as well as my experiences reflect in my writing. It is an aspect of my life that I cannot live without!! It has been a CRITIC of all the choices that I opt for, and BUDDY to enjoy the light moments in life as well!

Tears reflect as words…happiness as phrases….
Emotions don’t come altogether,They come in packets, As the daily wages…
But one thing is certain..that’s always by my side…
My best BUDDY – my writing….
Is the life coach for me…my best GUIDE!!

A response for https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/buddy/


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