The Right Thing….!!!

Sometimes I believe in just letting go,
Sometimes we just can’t go with the flow,
Sometimes I believe in just not doing the right things,
Sometimes I believe in doing the things that may not seem judgementally correct to the mind,
But which seem the best ever decision to the heart!
So, I believe on just being myself!
Rather than pretention in front of the fake world,
Sometimes I believe in breaking promises,
Rather than keeping to my word!
Sometimes in life, we don’t need to be perfect, we just need someone who can accept us as we are, with all our imperfections, all our flaws, all our virtues and all our vices! We need a friend who’s there to tell us that it’s ok, it happens, not someone who’s constantly poking us to rectify our mistakes. Someone who assures us that everything will be fine! Someone who understands our problems, rather than just telling their woes to us and adding up to our troubles. Someone who always wants to keep in touch, not the one who’s up on attitude and harsh words, that hurt us a lot.

So folks be with someone who looks upto you as their motivation, not as their distraction! Your presence should be a gift for them, not a cakewalk.

Their friendship should be a miracle, the most priceless feeling for you, not a curse. Often our life stops at their thoughts, while they don’t even know that we exist. So, be with friends whose companionship we truly enjoy. The ones with whom we can giggle freely, laugh loudly, cry endlessly and pour our heart out. Just make yourself clear about what you want from life – true endless friendship or just lost, misunderstood companionship!


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