Nature’s Agreement

Red is its anger, disastrous is its fear…
It warns us badly…not to fakely swear..
About the grey truths of mankind..
That man is kind no more…
His ugly face has he shown…by devouring the beautiful sea shore…!
An agreement between nature and man…had been signed…just some centuries before;
Nature shared it’s legacy and opened its every possible door…
To live and let man live…with all his needs fulfilled..
The papers of the same agreement… Now lie there dead and tore…!

Devastating realities and smoke arising from here and there..
Man showing his greedy companionship , has left his friend nature nowhere!



Fashion, style, fashionistas are found round every corner,

They all want attention to garner,

The dress code nowadays depicts the lifestyle of the people – their poise,

Exquisite, glamorous and unique ornaments are the trending joys,

The earrings and shimmering jewellery which they don – they twinkle,

Hiding each quality of our true self – the beauty behind each wrinkle!

We try to conceal our inner characteristic features, in a bid to face the harsh realities,

Which we think might undue all the calamities!

The skin that we wear is as fake as a snake’s,

And so has mankind uptil now lost all its grace!!

A True Being…!

Your laurels and medals mean nothing unless and until you have won hearts of people.
Even you aren’t a revered being if you have not broken people’s ego by saying a NO for the sake of your self respect! NO to the evil lies, NO to the handsomely paid bribes, NO to the negative vibes!

Older Friendship…!

Some friends are just so nice, that they’ll always be besides you…
But as the friendship grows older and stronger as well,  – the so called friendship changes its hue!
Its a difficult task to convey complaints to them – unknown..
Not hurting their sentiments – indirectly leading them to mourn!
The purely knitted thread of friendship, begins to become feeble
Leading to a catastrophe of confusions…
A blunder of emotions makes us look out for another outsource to express our feelings,
Resulting in a new friendship for new life editions!


खुशनसीब है हम जो हम पे खुदा की रहमत हुई,
आसमान को चुके ऊँचाइयों को चूमने का मौका आया है नज़र में ,
करेंगे जो हो सकेगा हमसे ,
ताकि पूरी कर सके खुदा की लिखी हुई दास्तान इस सपनों के शहर में !!

The Right Thing….!!!

Sometimes I believe in just letting go,
Sometimes we just can’t go with the flow,
Sometimes I believe in just not doing the right things,
Sometimes I believe in doing the things that may not seem judgementally correct to the mind,
But which seem the best ever decision to the heart!
So, I believe on just being myself!
Rather than pretention in front of the fake world,
Sometimes I believe in breaking promises,
Rather than keeping to my word!
Sometimes in life, we don’t need to be perfect, we just need someone who can accept us as we are, with all our imperfections, all our flaws, all our virtues and all our vices! We need a friend who’s there to tell us that it’s ok, it happens, not someone who’s constantly poking us to rectify our mistakes. Someone who assures us that everything will be fine! Someone who understands our problems, rather than just telling their woes to us and adding up to our troubles. Someone who always wants to keep in touch, not the one who’s up on attitude and harsh words, that hurt us a lot.

So folks be with someone who looks upto you as their motivation, not as their distraction! Your presence should be a gift for them, not a cakewalk.

Their friendship should be a miracle, the most priceless feeling for you, not a curse. Often our life stops at their thoughts, while they don’t even know that we exist. So, be with friends whose companionship we truly enjoy. The ones with whom we can giggle freely, laugh loudly, cry endlessly and pour our heart out. Just make yourself clear about what you want from life – true endless friendship or just lost, misunderstood companionship!

Writing – My best Buddy…

I write to inspire…..I write to change..!

That’s the tagline of my Life!!

Writing is my best companion…my best buddy!! It has always been there to share with me all my ups and downs, my mood swings, my grief, my ecstasy, my emotional breakdowns and what not! The word BUDDY itself says a lot in short – the one in whom we can confide….the one who knows every bit of our personality…!!

My personality as well as my experiences reflect in my writing. It is an aspect of my life that I cannot live without!! It has been a CRITIC of all the choices that I opt for, and BUDDY to enjoy the light moments in life as well!

Tears reflect as words…happiness as phrases….
Emotions don’t come altogether,They come in packets, As the daily wages…
But one thing is certain..that’s always by my side…
My best BUDDY – my writing….
Is the life coach for me…my best GUIDE!!

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