Ooooo Womaniyeah…!

Woman – the power that this word holds can control the universe itself! The women in our life empower our inner core and make us want to live more and more! Truly, a woman is a persona of extreme confidence. She is the guiding light leading to way greater paths for a lifetime, while she’s sensitive to sentiments as well. She’s a perfect framework carved out of hard rock – which now shimmers and shines as a flawless gem! Our mental health depends vitally on the women we surround ourselves by and how they inspire us by just being themselves!

We women do not lose hope in any of the catastrophic circumstances and end up being the hero of the whole scenario. The term hero generally brings up in our mind a knight in shining armour rescuing a beautiful lady, but we never cherish ourselves with thoughts of ladies rescuing a man who’s void of all his power leading again to a lady villain who’s kidnapped him! Funny……isn’t it?? The picture that we have fitted in our minds is somewhat similar to the antagonists referring to anti-women empowerment initiatives. So what’s the difference between them and us??!!


We are our own knights in armoured with shining, bright smiles – whose only mission is to spread innumerable happiness all over the world!!!



Music…refers to songs…songs…that touch our heart deep within! Music is like a world of imagination…a world where two hearts strike the same chord, a world where the tabla and the drums can always synchronize together, a world where there are no worries, a world beyond the worldly hurries!

That’s what music exactly is..the feel of music makes us forget from where we all are…it just brings us together! Music is a celebration – a celebration which doesn’t depend on any of the religions, nor on any community!

As travel is an escape…so is music!

I’ve heard many a times that…


Music is just like a celebration grand..
Makes us live moments magical…spinning like a magic wand!Creation is that what is born in moments musical,
It makes us perceive a life which is happy, not dull!
Wonder…we always…how was music born?
May be it was a miracle…bought by the Almighty..
For the awakening of a new dawn!!

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Live every moment!!

Shine– like a star, Sparkle – like a dewdrop,

Glitter– like a  SHIMMERING ray, Wave– like a newborn crop!

Enjoy every moment of life- it holds a special place in our heart!

Be it the happiness or some grief- just collect such feelings in a handful cart!

For the time that goes, never comes again….

So live each and every second of life, otherwise the exquisite gift of God, will just go in vain!!!

The magic of nature……

Nature – it soothes, it heals, it nurtures! Nature teaches us to love unconditionally, without any expectations from the other side!
Elegance is the beauty that never fades, and true elegance lies in experiencing the beauty of nature. The trees, the blossoming flowers, the chirping of birds – the companionship of nature makes man realize his true self! The charming atmosphere energizes our positive attitude. In a bid to gain success, man has forgotten that the abode of all victories conquered by him is just a mere gift of nature’s legacy, which is treated brutally by man himself! And that’s what true peace lies in – in letting go and forgiving……the magic of nature is indeed being unmasked……. And being what you yourself are!


As a child we dream of many things, but as we grow up – we know that these dreams can’t be anyhow born to be true! But as we lose our hopes, someone comes in our life – rising all our lost hopes, making them come altogether and turning those dreams into reality!

Control Over Lives….

I wonder how we let some people control our lives,
At the beginning of the chapter, they seem to be blessings in disguise!
To see only a glimpse of joy on their face,
All our happiness we would sacrifice,
Such a relation is not a virtue but a vice!
As the pages turn on their true colors unfold,
They tell us everything about the person – a story untold,
Their attitude towards us changes – as a chameleon changes its shades…
Our trust and faith in them eventually fades,
Attachment with them is just for sake of name,
Behaviour towards them becomes a mere game!!

दिल की दहलीज

आदत हो चुकी थी , खामखा हसने की ,
ख़ुशी होने लगी थी , तुम्हारे दिल में बसने की ,
करामात देखो इस पागल दिल की ,
के खो गया है ये इश्क़ की वादियों में ,
हरियाली होनी चाहिए थी जहाँ ,
बंजर जमीन थी उन पहाड़ियों में !
कसम से कहते है , होती है ऐसी दिल की दहलीज़ ,
जिसे सिर्फ वहीं लाँघ सके ,
जो हो इस दिल के लिए बहुत अजीज !!